The Grid


I knew someone was behind me in this hi-tech labyrinth. The walls were patterned with a large black grid, highlighted and bisected by stark white lines. They suggested an infinite space, but with my hand constantly spanning the wall for balance, I felt claustrophobic. It didn’t help that the lighting in here was sparse and disorienting, flashing like neon search beacons.

I had been floating upside down for some time against the ceiling, hiding from someone I couldn’t see, but could sense somewhere behind me in the vast maze. I hoped my dark outfit would be enough to camouflage myself against the walls, and pressed my body closer. Like this, I could smell the musty, sweet damp from distant fog machines. I could only crawl upside down so fast, and hiding behind the Escher-like barriers, when I happened upon one, offered only a small respite. When I came across an open space between the maze walls, I was filled with dread at the prospect of passing through and not getting seen. This dodge and weave and hide continued: me, the anxious prey, and them, the patient and persistent hunter.